New Designs for Jan. & Feb. 2013

Elizabeth's Design

Elizabeth, from A Mama's Story, has been a long-time client of mine, having had her blog designed by me last year and redesigned this year for her blogs first "blogiversary."  Her blog focuses on motherhood, creating culture and breaking old traditions.  Elizabeth's specifications were "earth mama meets victorian lady" and described the look she wished to achieve as very feminine and classy with muted tones and a few pops of color.

Her logo and social media icons (not pictured) added the pops of color she desired while keeping everything else neutral.  Since so many things are going on, it was best to keep the tones muted to give a sense of uniformity and repetition to the design.

Her new buttons also reflect the header logo, colors and overall design, keeping the flow of the design along the sidebars as well.

Elizabeth is always a joy to work with because she's the sweetest lady you'll probably ever meet and so much fun!  She really puts her heart into her blog.

Visit A Mama's Story today to discover link-ups, natural healthcare, and plenty of useful information and recommendations from a mama's point of view.

Renee's Design

Renee, from NextGen Homeschool, shares a homeschooling blog with her three sisters-in-law and just transfered from Wordpress.com to self-hosted Wordpress.org.  Renee's blog is all about one generation of homeschoolers homeschooling the next generation.  Her design was just not suiting her needs anymore so she contacted me about a new look.  She asked for warm colors and a cozy but professional atmosphere.

Designing Renee's blog was super fun because I got to use all of her own personal pictures for the header.  It certainly added a cozy and personal touch.  

Renee's blog was my first Wordpress.org install and it went so well!  She and her sisters were completely happy with the end result.

Stop by NextGen Homeschool today and see what's happening, link up, and enjoy yourself!

Looking for a new design?  Check out my design page to see what I offer!
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