New Design Packages & 25% Off September Design Sale!


For the month of September only, all design packages will be 25% off!  Because I work alone, only a limited number of projects are accepted per month.  If you're considering a new design, don't delay.  Get your order in today!


The design page has changed quite a bit in the last few days.  Instead of just two limiting packages to choose from, now there are three completely different choices.  The one I'm most excited about is the new package exclusive to photographers!  With this Custom Website Design, budding and established photographers will receive everything in the Custom Blog Design package plus extra goodies such as drop-down menu's and gorgeous image sliders!

Kristina is a photographer and her website was in need of a makeover.  She contacted me and we discussed her needs and vision for her site and then I went to work.  Since Kristina uses Blogger, which is primarily a blogging platform, we used a few tricks to make her Blogger blog look more professional and become an actual website.  Below is an example of her photography in her new image slider.  You can see an example of  drop-down menu's and image sliders at Kristina's website.

Aside from the photographers package, there is the Custom Blog Design package in which is included everything you'll need to transform your blog from faded to fabulous!  You can also order additional items to achieve that special sparkle!

And if you just can't bring yourself to splurge on a full design package, try the new Mani & Pedi package.  You'll get a few custom goodies for one low price that will make your blog look fresh again!

So go ahead and check out the new packages!  For the month of September only, all packages will be 25% off!  I only take on a limited number of projects per month, so if you are thinking of getting a new design, feel free to contact me at anoriginalbelle@gmail.com or complete the Design Order Form to get started!

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