2012 Spring Garden Progress Report #6

Is this only the 6th progress report?  I feel as if I've done so many already and it's not even summer yet!  Well, here we go, anyway.  The beans have grown two feet... seriously.  About 4-5 inches a day, it seems.  The beanstalks, that is.  Now I understand the children's story.  They really do grow overnight!

I've kept netting over the baby cukes and have just started pulling it off during the day so they can get some unfiltered sunlight.  I don't want them to be eaten overnight again.  So far, they're doing okay.

We've been able to actually eat some peas by this time.  I planted on February 23rd and was able to harvest a handful by May 19th.  Mom tossed them in a fresh salad.  She called them sweet.  I call them a taste that has to grow on you.  Though I was happy to eat something organic and fresh from the garden, I prefer them in stir-fry's, although raw is so much better and nutritious.  

I'm a little disappointed in the yield.  They're only good for up to two weeks refrigerated and cannot be frozen unless they've gone through a very intense process.  So, picking 3-4 at a time is a bit frustrating, considering all of the labor involved.  This urban garden stuff can be tricky.  However, they are continuing to produce, are a bit more prolific now, so we shall see if 9 pea seeds were worth planting.  I somehow doubt it.

Things in the grow bed are doing so well.  The bush beans are just about to blossom and the carrots are really taking off!  The spinach bolted so I pulled all of it out, and without that enticement, the snails seem to be staying out now.  Finally!  It was definitely yummy while it lasted, but again, I'm not sure it was worth it... the snails ate more than half of the yield, greedy things.

In addition, the tomatoes are growing so tall and green, and the squash is huge and producing beautiful veggies that should be ready to eat soon!  I'm having some watering issues with the squash.  Seems it doesn't like very much, while all my others varieties flourish.  Any tips on this?

That's it for this week!  Take care!

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