2012 Spring Garden Progress Report #5

The peas are going to be the first to come to harvest, since they are a winter/spring crop.  They've been growing steadily and have gorgeous blooms that are now withering and giving place to beautiful snow peas.

These are Oregon Giants, so they're supposed to reach over five inches in length.  They're about 2.5" now.  The squash is also growing prolifically!  We'll have delicious veggies in a few weeks.  More pictures to come... it's hard to keep up with the garden.  Every day it seems something has changed.

Are you seeing the fruits of your labor yet?  Share what you're growing in the comments... I'll be sure to visit you!

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  1. You can't visit yet, but I harvested my first ever broccoli AND eggplant last week. Exciting for this newbie gardener!

  2. Oh, Thandi, how wonderful! I'm excited for you! I haven't harvested anything quite so big yet! Let me know when you get pictures up!

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