Garden Companion- Meet Elizabeth

Almost every day, I take a morning constitution around the backyard.  I don't have far to go, but I enjoy peaking at the new growth and seeing if any harm has befallen the fruits of my labor during the night.  Around part of our yard we have a "boardwalk" with slats where there's been sightings of alligator lizards popping in and out.  During one such ramble, I stepped out onto the boardwalk in my sandals and heard more than saw something skitter from beneath my feet.  When I actually saw it scrambling away from me, I yelped and reached for my dog (not knowing what it was and if it was dangerous).  

When I realized it was only a little lizard- just as frightened of me as I was of it, I ran inside the house for my camera to capture this new subject.  Elizabeth- or Lizzie- was very photogenic and- for the most part- sat perfectly still and sunbathed while I advanced and took her picture.

Meet Lizzie:

I may be a little peculiar, but I love the details in these photos, such as the tiny fingernails, nostrils, scales and even the pupil in Lizzie's eye can be seen.  She's almost cute.  Of course, had she skittered toward me while I was so close I would have screamed and run.  But I try to think I would have been brave and stayed.

Maybe it's my love for photography combined with my love for the Creator of this intricate little creature that fascinates me.  Whatever it was, I enjoyed meeting Elizabeth and I think she may have enjoyed meeting me... maybe.

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