Valentine's Day Wishes

Not for myself, but for you, my sweet friends:

I wish for loved ones to surround you in warmth and friendship.
I wish an unexplainable joy and peace to envelop you within its fold.
I wish you renewed vigor for the daily tasks you set your hands to.
I wish you inspiration as you reach toward your goals in new ways.

On this sweet day, I wish you happiness.  
Happiness for who you are, not what you have; 
for what you do of your own accord, not what you must do.  
For the kindness, generosity, and patience you exhibit on a daily basis.
For the love that emanates from you and warms the ones around you.

Today, remember who you are to those who love you.
Remember how much you are worth.


For some amazing Valentine beauty, you must see this blog.  This Mom goes all out to make Valentine's Day a special and sweet day for her four little girls... on a budget.  Most everything is handmade and her photography is astounding.

This couple's Valentine picnic is something to behold!  So fairy-tale, yet meaningful.  Again, the photography is stunning, the fare delectable!
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Happy Valentine's Day,

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