2012 Vegetable Garden Plan

If you grow a vegetable garden each year, you know that a plan is essential for a successful gardening season.  I learned from experience.  I would start too late in the season and try to catch up to where my garden ought to be.  This year I created a square foot garden plan using Gardener's Supply Company's free Kitchen Garden Planner.

Cucumbers, peas, bush beans, spinach, and carrots are planned for my newest garden addition... a 3x3 raised garden bed!

These are the little guys about two week ago (I have yet to take recent pics):

Learn how building a raised garden bed yourself is more cost-efficient than buying one in tomorrow's post!

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  1. I love this post! It really helps me get excited about the coming Spring!!

    Thank you for sharing your plans, and your photos are gorgeous!

    God Bless you!

  2. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show yous some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :) def excited about planting my garden this year!!


  3. I was just thinking about this year's garden yesterday! Can't wait to get started now.

  4. I too am planning to expand my garden with a raised bed. Mine will be long and narrow , 4x8. Can't wait! I don't start my plants myself though, good for you !

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  6. I think we all have spring fever of a different kind. :) I love gardening!

    Dawn, your bed sounds like a dream! I only wish I had that much room to grow in.


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