Make-It-Yourself Monday #9 & Link-up

Scrapbooking is fun!  Right?  Creating with stacks of papers, shapes, stickers, letters and photos... making memories to save within the protective confines of a priceless book.

It takes a lot of time- and if done well- a lot of money too.  Every element costs $$.  And sometimes it's messy, or mistakes are made, or it just didn't turn out right after all that work.

For one person on my Christmas list last year I bought an extra-special gift.  A nine inch collectible doll.  I fixed her frizzy mohair into a cute little baby 'do, dressed her in cute clothes and scheduled her for an appointment at H. Rae Photography Studio (yes, that's me).  Once I finished the photos, I uploaded them to Snapfish.com, intending to have some prints made since I had some free credits.  But advertised on the front page were photo books!  And seeing them, I knew what I had to do.

Creating a photo book was so simple, so fun, and so cheap!

1. After uploading the photos you'll use, the first thing to do is select the style of book you want; the prices differ.  I chose an 8x11 Custom Cover Photo Book.  It's hardcover and the perfect size for viewing pleasure.

2. Select a theme.  I chose Gingko Leaves because it was delicate and reflected the colors in my photos.

3. Create your Photo Book!  You're given twenty pages to work with for $29.99, or you can add more pages but the cost grows along with the size of your book.  I found a promo code online that gave me half off my order, so I got the book for only $15.00!

4. Customize your Theme!  You can change the background for each page by selecting Themes from the window on the right and dragging and dropping a background onto the page.

5. Customize your Layout!  Choose from a number of image and text layouts to personalize your book.  Drag and drop your images, enter text, preview it and you're done!

If you enjoy scrapbooking, you'll love how easy this is!  I was very happy with the overall quality of the Photo Book and the exact likeness to what is shown online.  

All of those holiday photos you took?  Go, and create your Photo Book!

The M-I-Y Monday linky is just below!  Feel free to link up your crafts, recipes, projects and tutorials!

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  1. Woo-Hoo!!! I'm baaack! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Lovely shot's.. What an adorable book.. :)))

  3. Thanks SO much for linking :)) I ADORE this book and the little angel is SUPER CUTE.. LOVE IT..Wishing you a perfect end to your week.. xoxo..

  4. Clicked over from WFMW. I've never been a scrapbooker, but snapfish? Oh, I'm addicted. I love how thin the books are and that I don't have to worry about pictures falling out.

    First time here, nice meeting you.

  5. What a great photo book! I've made several photo books using free credits and everyone loves looking at them!

  6. Great tutorial, H.Rae. Featured on Domestically Divine. Thanks for linking up.


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