Dancing Christmas Lights

A few chilly night ago, I stood out on our street to capture this clip.  This house makes it into the news each year, took over 85 hours to light, has 42,850 lights which are synchronized to 13 songs,  and nearly 3 miles of extension cords!  

Our street is jammed each evening after the sun goes down as people leave their parked cars to stroll around and look at the work that went into this production.  Some sit in their cars as they tune their radios to to the melody that is playing.  It really is beautiful!  

My clip isn't the greatest and there's some background noise and distractions.  Also, since I was on foot, I had to rely on the music of the cars nearby.  But if you haven't ever seen dancing lights in person, you may enjoy this small preview.

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  1. How interesting! I've never seen anything like it!

  2. They are so amazing, Jill! So much more beautiful in person!

  3. I see this on You Tube every year, but had no idea you live on the same street! How neat! It really is an amazing work of art. Can't imagine all the time and energy that must go into creating this light and music "show"!


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