Beautiful Christmas Photos

I saw these photos on one of my favorite blogs, fell in love, and wanted to share them here.  Please take some time to visit Resolved to Worship.  This family is so awesome, unique and creative!  Just look at the fort their little ones built!  Isn't her photography beautiful also?

I love how her children enjoy the meaningful aspects of life.  As she said "there really is nothing I could buy for my kids for Christmas at the store that would please them as much or get as much use as this fort made out of the burn pile.  Makes me wonder..."

This sweet fort brings to mind the plight of Mary and Joseph upon Jesus' birth.  Really makes the story come to life.  Read her and her husband's point-of-view on Martha vs. Mary.  Very enlightening!  

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  1. What a wonderful blog! So glad you mentioned it. I had fun reading through her blog and enjoying all those photos.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful blog with great photography.. I was immediately drawn.. I LOVE her work.. Great post. Thanks SO much for sharing : ))

  3. Isn't it a great blog? And she is so creative too!


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