Toy Poodle Puppy Photo Shoot

The breeder I bought my toy poodle from wanted me to come over and shoot a litter of puppies that were just about  ready to go home to their new mommies.  Aren't they gorgeous?

The video below shows their deep coat color that the pictures didn't capture quite as well.

Linda and her family live on a small farm and have raised poodles for five generations.  She breeds only the best parents, all with American Kennel Club Champion lines in their immediate background.  She specializes in red and apricot miniatures, oversize toys, toys and tiny toys with an occasional teacup, and as you can plainly see- they are beautiful, perfect babies.  

My own oversized toy is now two years old, and has retained his vibrant red coat beautifully!  Red poodles are so hard to find!  Most people have never even seen anything but white poodles!  I get stopped every time I take Winston out shopping.  Children squeal and pull their mothers toward us, women gasp and point, and even men go all mushy over him!  I feel like a celebrity. 

If you are a responsible, loving person who is looking for a puppy, check out Linda's website at Scarlet's Fancy!  You won't be disappointed.

Visit my other blog, The Pink Photique, or my Flickr to see more photos.

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  1. What adorableness! I've seen standard poodles of various colors, but you're right about toy poodles. I've never seen one any color other than white.

  2. Aw, what beauties! You captured their "puppiness" perfectly! Great job! ~Jen

  3. Thank you both! I was in puppy heaven getting to photograph them and sneak in some cuddle time too!

  4. How cute! You take wonderful pictures!

  5. Those are adorable puppies!! Better not show my girls the pics...

  6. Hey H.Rae! I'm so glad you stopped by to link up to my party!! ~Jen

  7. Morning! These babies are gorgeous....enjoy your photography days. Sincerely, augustana :)


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