Make-It-Yourself Monday

I've decided to begin something new to start off each week in a fun fashion!

Each Monday, I'll introduce something fabulous and fun and maybe- if enough readers would participate- I'll get up a linky sometime so you can share your fabulous finds or crafty creations!

Each of these flowers are gorgeous!  Some are fairly simple to make; others are more complicated.

The pink peony tutorial can be found here.
The brown paper flower tutorial is here.
The black and white flowers here
The pink paper dahlia tutorial here.

Wouldn't these be wonderful decorations for Christmas gifts instead of traditional bows?  I am personally in love with the pink peonies.  If you decide to make one of these, please add a link to your comment so we can see what you've done!
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  1. Thanks, Heather! I've bookmarked the pink peony tutorial to try -it's simply stunning and looks so much like the real thing!

    A link-party on your site would be a real hit, I'm sure!

  2. Oh how lovely are all of these?! And hey, check out your 100 followers! How exciting!

  3. Jacinda- isn't that one fabulous? I love it!
    Jen- I know! Finally 100! I'm so thrilled!


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