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Health related questions.  Inquiring concerns.  It's what you get accustomed to living with a chronic illness.

Pacing activities.  Timing trips outside the home.  It's a daily occurrence unless you want to pay the painful  price later.

I've been chronically ill for eleven years.  Sometimes I don't even think about that fact because my routine has become adjusted to living within my capabilities.  And because I remain at home with my parents, many of what should be my own duties are lovingly shouldered by them.

I first became ill when I was thirteen.  Although the doctors could not place it, they considered my illness to be a type of Mononucleosis, which must be caught very early in order to show up in blood testing.  Because of the debilitating weakness, I spent the next... [continue reading]

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  1. Hi Heather

    Still trying to catch up on reading but I'm glad I visited your place today. I have to say that you have so much courage... I knew you were battling illness but never knew you suffered so much. It is so inspiring to see that you lean on God.. so many would become angry at Him in your position.

    I pray for God to continue to give you strength and comfort and that you will remain close to Him.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    God bless you!

  2. Miss Rae, you make me smile. Your sweet comments and encouragement mean so much to me. After reading the sliver of story that you shared, I am filled with admiration for your persistence and your amazing attitude, in spite of trouble. I certainly would enjoy sitting down with you to chat photography and many other things, I'm sure! ~Jen

  3. Lisa Maria- thank you for such a heartfelt comment. I find that the more our flesh fails us, the more we rely on God's mercy and strength. I appreciate your prayers and your friendship.

    Jen- I'm ready when you are! I was hooked on your blog from my first visit and your friendship only makes it greater! Thank you for your lovely comment!


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