Bouquet of Gratitude

A dozen roses represent a dozen blessings.  What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?  It's a sobering thought, and one that brings us back to the reality of our situations.  Most of us in the blogging circles have innumerable blessings, yet our nature inclines us to complain rather than be grateful.  We so often put our focus on the little irritations of life instead of whatsoever things are lovely.

My bouquet of gratitude reminds me of what I have to be thankful for:

12. I was born in the land of the free and the home of the brave!
11. I have two godly parents who are still together in a world where broken homes are the norm!
10. I know what love is!
9. I know who God is!
8. For the gifts and talents I have been given!
7. For the person God is continually molding me to be!  I am not forgotten!

6. For the clean air outside my doors and a sky fresh and clear!
4. For the modern conveniences that make communication, correspondence, and transportation a breeze!
3. For the small things like the poodle curled at my feet, the comfy chair I sit in, and the meals I am never without.
2. For the portion of health I have been given!
1. For the dear friends I have made just because I decided to start a blog!

I am truly blessed and duly grateful!  

If you feel like taking on a 10 day challenge, visit Little Natural Cottage, where Kristy is having a gratitude challenge!  10 days; no complaints.  You'll be surprised how often a complaint comes to your lips once you start to count them.

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  1. Beautiful gratitude list Heather!

    I've been part of two communities that do Thankful Thursdays and I have linked a few times with Ann Voskamp's Multitude on Mondays. Two of these are based on Ann's book '1000 Gifts', which you may have read or heard about through the blogosphere.

    What I've learned by being a part of this is that if we keep looking for the blessings in all the little things around us, we don't focus on the negative things. Its been so good for me participate in this.. though I've missed more often that I'd like to.

    I'm also grateful for all the new friends I've made since I started my blog... and I'm glad that you are one of them.

    God bless and have a lovely weekend!

  2. I agree with you, Lisa Maria. If we direct our minds on the good, we will also begin to see more good! I had a bit of trouble starting my list, but as I counted each blessing, I almost couldn't stop! Thank you for your thoughtful and heartfelt comment!

  3. I just love your photography posts, Heather! You consistently have stunning shots with unique perspective. I always appreciate it when you link up! ~Jen

  4. By the way, you were just a couple of clicks out of the top three for last weeks party! I think your posts are pretty popular!

  5. I'm glad I'm keeping up, Jen! With all of those crafts, I'm the odd one linking photography! :)

  6. What a good list of blessings!We all have so much, it is a shame we are such complainers! I thank the LORD for His grace and mercy that He doesn't just blow us all to smithereens b/c we are all so ungrateful! Thank you for linking-up. Could you link back to me,please? I've been helping my mom get moved into an assisted-living facility, and she really needs to not live alone anymore, but doesn't want to move away to live with any of us. We are cleaning her home now so we can sell it. she lives almost 2 hours away, but there is no use in complaining! thanks for the encouragement! I hope you will join in again :) Blessings,

  7. Great post.I love how simple yet profound your list is.These are blessings that so many take for granted.

  8. Very true! We definitely need to change our focus more often! I'm going to visit your blog now, Jacqueline!


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