Square-Foot Gardening

I'm planning next year's garden already and contemplating which types of vegetables and what kind of each type to plant.  I planted quite a bit in-ground this year but nearly all of it died or didn't grow, so I'm definitely sticking to containers next time but I'm also wanting to follow some square-foot-gardening guidelines.  I don't have any square-foot garden boxes- just round pots- so this ought to be interesting.

Emily, at My Square-Foot Garden has loads of information on the subject.  She breaks it down into steps on creating a plan, choosing a method, color coding (this is amazing), companion planting, plant spacing, etcetera.  And there are a lot of images and photos as examples.

I'm going to follow the plant spacing guide, as most packets of seeds give instructions on planting the traditional way and are made for those with plenty of planting space.

Have you had a square-foot garden?  What were the pros and cons of planting close together?

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