Painted Pumpkins

What a sweet idea!  Alyssa, at Resolved to Worship had a pumpkin painting party with her little ones.  She just had her eighth baby two weeks ago, so this was a lovely project that kept the others happily entertained.  These are the photos of what I'm assuming are her creations:

I love the white-painted pumpkins, don't you?  It looks as if she used crumpled paper to apply the designs.  Adorable!  Now I want to go paint some pumpkins, how about you?
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  1. Hi h.rae. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I've been crazy busy myself and not writing very much :(. I'd love to have a makeover of my blog but its just not in my finances right now. You've done a really great job of the others' though!

    I love how you've redone yours and the best part for me was learning some more about you.. now I know your name is Heather ;-)

    Take care and good luck with the business. I'm still around just really quiet. Hoping to start some writing soon.

    God Bless!

  2. I quite understand, Lisa! If you ever want a design, keep me in mind. I hope you get back to blogging soon! Take care!

  3. This is awesome finding Rae.. Super cute.. Love it..

  4. These are just gorgeous! I love the white pumpkins... so shabby chic!

    Kristy @ Little Natural Cottage

  5. Wow what creativity, thanks for sharing this. I think I want a blog design similiar to yours and Far Above Rubies...jackie paulson at jackiepaulson8@gmail.com

  6. Aren't they fascinating?

    J. P.- I have sent you an email! Thank you for your request!


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