In a world of constant motion... cherish.

When your plans seems to be spiraling out of control... cherish.

Cherish. To hold or treat as dear.  To feel love for.

In a society in which it seems nobody knows how anymore... cherish.  Notice people passing by, some with heads down, texting; others using a plethora of acronyms and challenging themselves to use the word "like" forty times in the span of ten minutes in order to fit in... all desiring to be cherished.

People are longing to be cherished.  Not just "liked", as in Facebook status.  But thoroughly, and whole-heartedly loved.  If you don't say it... how will they ever know?  If you don't show it, how can they feel it?

Neglect isn't premeditated.  Busyness isn't planned.  But cherishing must be.

It isn't only a feeling; it's an action.
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  1. So true - and what a wonderful thought. Love the picture, too!

  2. Beautiful pictures...my daughter is in love with your blog!

  3. Thank you, Hannah! I like your daughter already! :)

  4. Lovely h.rae.. cherish.. that word was one my husband never quite understood when we were younger.. so glad he does now! It all starts with the parents, you know, children need to feel cherished so they grow up knowing that they are and they don't need to be validated by others to the point where they would do anything, say anything, become who they were not mean to be. Sorry if I sound preachy ;-).. love the rose!


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