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Today, I'm linking up with the 2011 Blog Bash at Women Living Well!  If you're from the party, allow me to warmly welcome you to my blog.  I'm H. Rae, a stay-at-home-daughter and the writer, photographer and designer behind An Original Belle.

I started blogging just a little over a year ago.  I wanted my blog to be a place of inspiration; a place where I could write my thoughts and communicate with others.  I never fully realized what a wonderful thing a community of fellow bloggers could be!  

I've met so many amazing, helpful, and encouraging ladies since I began blogging!  People that inspire me to grow and learn each day.

I often post my photography here on my blog and write what I'm thinking, when I'm thinking it.  I've also started a designing business recently and now blog design for others.

My blog title is an actual book title by 19th century author and clergyman, E. P. Roe. The heroine, instead of acting the part of a coquettish young belle, becomes throughout the story, an original belle- genuine, sensitive and true to her word.  Reading it inspired me to aspire to become the same.  

I'm always glad to have company here at An Original Belle.  To link-up with the Blog Bash yourself, click on the button below.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love how you redesigned my blog, but even more, I've really enjoyed getting to know you a bit and see your wonderful photography on your blog. You're definitely one of those gems of blogland!

  2. I wasn't aware that you named your blog after a book title. I'll have to look-up that book now. It sounds interesting. :)

    I love your blog because it's definitely unique as well as feminine. I'm glad I found you. :)


    ~M. Wildflower

    P.S. Your rose photo is gorgeous!

  3. I also love your blog..you are a wonderful young lady, and I appreciate your presence in the blog world!

    God Bless!

  4. What a beautiful blog and photo! Nice to meet you! Patsy from

  5. It's so good to "meet" you! I'm stopping by via the Blog Bash 2011... have a BLESSED weekend!!

  6. It is nice to come to a well kept blog with a simple theme. Your blog is just wonderful and I am so glad I know you. ~Jackie


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