Autumnal Musings

I'm torn between celebrating fall and winter at the same time.  Today it feels like winter with gloomy skies, cold winds, and a rainy forecast.  But then the warmer weather will come and bring to mind baked goodies, pumpkins, crisp autumn evenings and leaves crunching underfoot.

I shouldn't be so soon, but I'm already singing the traditional Christmas melodies.  Wasn't summer just here?  I only just stopped tending a summer garden.

But with the shedding trees comes new joy.  The evenings become shorter, the winds biting and the grounds bedecked with fallen beauty, inviting families to gather closely within the warmth and comfort of their homes, fires ablaze.

Outdoor activities become dusky after-dinner walks, chatting with neighbors, bundled against the cutting winds.  New relationships form; old ones are deepened.  Holidays are anticipated and gatherings are planned.

Is it autumn or winter where you are?  What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

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  1. It's autumn here in North Texas... sunny, breezy, and cool, with crisp evenings and hints of chillier days ahead.

    I LOVE this time of year!


  2. Totally autumn here in the midwest. I am looking forward to the smell of our home over the holidays. YUM!

  3. Sounds lovely! On the coast, we don't get seasons, really. What I wouldn't do for a winter wonderland in December!


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