Summer Garden Report

The summer garden is about through producing.  After last year's (my first) meager backyard garden, this year's appeared to be a comparative success.  A dozen tomato plants in containers yielded baskets full of large, juicy fruit; so much so that we were glad to share with neighbors and friends.  With one large batch, Mom made homemade tomato soup, using Jen's recipe, also utilizing the remainder of the garden's carrots.  And may I say it was delicious?  I definitely recommend trying it yourself!

I planted over fifty bush beans, and each plant yielded heavily, but it still wasn't enough each gathering.  It took several harvests to glean enough to serve a few people.  But did they ever grow nice and big!  And the beans inside were still young.

I promised myself I wouldn't plant carrots again due to all the labor involved; it was too much for me.  But after tasting them... I'm not so sure.  They burst with flavor!  Just yesterday I pulled three baby ones and munched them, giving my pup a few nibbles.  If I plant them again next year, I'll just sprinkle the seeds as recommended rather than carefully measuring the distance between each one so I can skip thinning them later.

My herbs are also all pale and sad-looking now.  Our summer's are cool and often foggy, so it's hard to cultivate properly.  Due to this fog, my tomato plants have developed powdery mildew, which spread like wildfire.  I'm hoping the remaining babies reach maturity before the plants die.

That wraps up my summer garden!  Did you plant one?  How did you do?

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  1. Those are some fabulous photos! We planted a container garden, along with two tomato plants in the ground. It wasn't a great harvest - but I'm sure we'll try again next year!

  2. What a beautiful harvest! You're so good at capturing God's handiwork on camera. Betcha you could sell your photos to iStock or Stockfresh; they're extraordinarily amazing.

  3. Tracey, Thank you! It's still rewarding to get something, though, isn't it? I love container gardening!

    Jacinda, Thank you so much! I almost didn't put the pics up either because I didn't think they were too good. Thanks for the reassurance! Maybe someday I can sell some; I have though about it.

  4. Your garden seems to have yielded all kinds of yummy treats. The squirrels ate most of my tomatoes, but we are still getting bell peppers.

  5. How gorgeous! Great yield and beautiful pictures!

    I also love your new look here! God Bless!


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