New Design For Jen W.

She was the last on my list of free designs for the month of August.  She asked for a cheerful blog with pops of color and a muted background.  The resulting design delighted her!

"You have absolutely outdone yourself!  I am beyond thrilled with the final design!  It is everything I wanted, put together in a polished, sweet, impeccable package!  I am so wowed right now!  It looks so inviting and stylish, so welcoming!  For never having met me, you captured my style bang-on!"

Make sure you stop by Jen's blog for some fabulous crafting ideas and original recipes!

{P.S.- I mentioned before that my comments and forms weren't working so I wasn't able to receive your design requests for about a week.  After I posted and said for all those who wanted designs to email me, my email link broke also.  Everything is remedied now, so if you did request a free design during the month of August and I didn't respond to you, please email me now.}


  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you again! Check out my little "review" of your amazing blog design skills!


  2. I love Jen's new space.. Super cute.. You are absolutely talented.. :)) LOVE it.. :))


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