He Knows my Scent

He does.  He knows my scent.  Knows it.

My pup will sooner choose an article of my clothing over a nice soft blanket to curl up with because he also loves it.  If he's on my bed and I have a piece of clothing upon it also, he finds it, satisfactorily sniffs its fragrance and nestles down in it.

He will- on command or not- find me, wherever I may be.  He knows my scent.  And he loves it.  He will search tirelessly, following my trail around the house, until he finds me.  I hide from him; he searches and finds me.

Our living sacrifice is said- in comparison with God's sacrifice for man- to be a sweet-smelling savour to our Lord.  In one sense it may be said that He loves our scent... our praise.  Our life given to Him.

He knows our scent.  Mine.  Yours.  And He loves it.

When we sacrifice our pleasures for Him, or lift our voices in praise to Him, He receives it as a sweet-smelling savour; a wonderful and beautiful scent.

When we hide from Him, as Adam hid from Him in the garden, He will search tirelessly to find us and reunite us with Himself.

He loves us.  That.  Much.

Musings by h. rae

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