Pursuing Femininity

     "As Christian women, we ought to be choosing to be as feminine as possible instead of desiring to become as like-the-world as possible."  
h. rae

     As much as today's women put distance between themselves and true femininity, we ought to be closing the gap.  

     That's not to say we have to wear ankle-length dresses every day, but choose carefully what you will wear and what you do buy, and who you do endorse by wearing their garments.  

     We ought to bespeak femininity as much as the world bespeaks feminism.  

     We ought to glow with "imperishable beauty" (1 Peter 3:4) which is inner beauty complimented by likewise outward adornment.

     Choose to be beautiful... for inasmuch as we are daughter's of God, we are made beautiful by being His.

Musings by h. rae


  1. Amen! I love your quote at the beginning of this post. It's very true and quite appropriate for our current times.

  2. LOL.I actually do wear ankle-length skirts "every day' ;-)

  3. An Ordinary Woman: Thank you for your kind comment!

    Thandi: Good for you! I wear skirts every day but not always ankle-length. They add a true beauty!


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