Bluebells, Bluebonnets, and Blueberries

A Bohemian Summer

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     I've been munching on blueberries for a few weeks; delicious little indigotic morsels tasting of sweet tartness.  Blueberries don't come cheap... and so the idea hatched to attempt to grow my own.  Two things I lack are full sun and good soil.  So, the only workable option would be to grow them in a large container, set in a partly sunny location.

     My question for you readers:  Do you or have you previously grown berries of any kind?  I would appreciate any advice you could share about what works for you.  Everything I have researched on the topic looks extremely complicated.  I know the soil must be slightly acidic and I could achieve that through potting soil, but are there any tricks and tips that work for you?  Is it moderately simple or difficult and not worth the labor in compromising conditions?

     Thanks in advance and happy Monday! ♥
h. rae


  1. H. Rae,

    Don't think that I can help you much in this department, so I wish you the best in your endeavor on growing your own blueberries.

    I recently had some blueberries myself this past weekend. I have a few more that I shall eat upon later today. I like to add a little sugar to my blueberries because, well, I have a terrible sweet tooth. Tee hee. :)


    -L. Rose

  2. All the best! No tips here either!


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