Organizational Skills... I Beg Your Pardon?

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"A place for everything, and everything in it's place."

     Do your days ever start with good intentions, plans and goals, and at the end of the day you wonder where the time went and why nothing was accomplished except the mundane?  Maybe the laundry got done or the closet got organized, but what about your personal goals or family goals?  Many times, it might be easier to have a "boss" to tell you what to do and when to do it rather than manage every little aspect on your own and possibly get distracted while attempting to do so.

     There are many days that end with a wee bit of frustration for me and intentions to do better the next day.  A physical planner usually gets bypassed by me after spending an allotted amount of time writing everything out.  So, desperate for some organizational management, I googled "online time manager" among other googlings.  I got a great list of free websites that help keep a person organized, remind you of appointments, email reminders of events, track time spent online or on a specific project, allow you to clock in or out and so much more!

     Here's the list:

Cozi- an online family planner.  Plan events, write and save shopping lists or to-do lists, color code each family member and click on that color to see events for that member or view all.  Any member can access it with a password to see what's on the agenda for them.  It even has a journal that can be shared via email with photos of momentous events.  It has a great, fresh, friendly layout.

HiTask- A very intuitive personal or business planner.  Add tasks, notes, files or events.  It has time tracking, start and stop times, project color coding, and member delegation.  The military time that marches down the side keeps you focused on what time to do each task.

Thymer- A very simple, no fuss, one page layout that allows you to record tasks and times.  Really everything you need, if you like things simplified.

Zoho- Another simple and sleek design for tasking.  Outside of the task planner, it has so much more one can use it for, especially for business purposes.  It's simple, yet intricate.

iGoogle- Not really a planner but one that's fast becoming my favorite with all the gadget tools.  I use the Zoho planner from iGoogle, track time spent, time tasks, check email, have a dictionary, Wikipedia, translator, birthday reminder, expense tracker and even a gadget that shows the latest posts from the blogs of those I follow in my google reader.  Instead of checking all of these individually, it's all on one page.

     If your organization skills aren't up to par, or you would really like to work on some personal goals and technology aides you better than paper, try one of these out.  I've tried them all and find that using Zoho from iGoogle works best for simple to-do's, but HiTask works better for more intricate, detailed goals.  Cozi is fun and would really be great for a family.

     Go ahead, jot down that goal you've been putting on the back-burner.  It won't get done unless you plan it.  Let me know if you decide to sign up for one of these, and which one you choose.  

     Happy organized weekend,

h. rae


  1. H. Rae,

    Although I can always use some assistance in regards to organization skills, I think if I used one of these programs, I might get overwhelming for me. However, thanks for the information. If I get "in a pinch," at least I have some resources. :)

    -L. Rose

  2. Lady Rose- Thymer would most likely agree with you then, if you decided to go this route. It's very simple and the least distracting. For me, having a list open on my desktop keeps my online time focused.


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