Welcome to the Cottage I'd Say...

... And greet you with a smile, drawing you to relax upon a tufted shabby cushion.

Image via queen of constance

     I could use an outdoor palace like this one.  Doesn't it look deliciously well-appointed?  Perfection!  The shabby textures appeal to my senses; the doors flung wide invite me within.

     I have a little house in the back... (no, not that kind) but it's used as a greenhouse and shed, but with a few changes it could look as darling as this.  It has a dutch door and large windows on either side... but where to put the garden tools?  And where to put the plants?

     Its wood is old and weather-worn, the brown has turned to gray.  The ivy trails along the roof and wind whispers through the slats.  Where is Mr. Sawyer when I need a whitewash?  

     To sit, to think, to dream.  To write, to create... to step away from technology for a few moments and drink in the pure atmosphere...

     Won't you join me there?  
h. rae


  1. I love this! Our shed has been here for years..it is styled like a wee house...no windows..but lotts of options.
    My husband would be happy if it were torn down..but after seeing this..oh what fun it could be!

  2. Oh . . . I would love to join you here! You make tea and I will bring the cupcakes!

  3. What a sweet little house. My brother and sister-in-law had something similar made for their only daughter years ago (she's 22 now)... not as 'well-appointed' though.

    I, myself, never had one of these.. I did all my thinking, dreaming and reading up in the branches of a tree that overlooked my neighbourhood (yep I was a tomboy.

    Maybe you should consider building yourself a hideout or another garden shed..?

  4. This little tea house is absolutely delicious! Perfect for a morning brunch with friends or an intimate candlelit evening with that special someone...ahhhhh! A girl can dream, can't she?!

  5. What a beautiful respite!

    My little girls have a small house in the back..of course, it is for younger girls to play house in, so not as well appointed...however, they spend their time there imagining they are wives and mamas...so it's perfectly used for a great purpose!

    There is a picture of the outside in a fairly recent post on my blog entitled, "The Potential Idol of House and Home". When the weather turns much warmer, I'll help them clean it up a bit and put up some new pictures of their little lady place!

  6. Ellen, I'm with you! We almost tore ours down too, but fixed it up so it's not so dilapidated instead.

    Saralee, that sounds wonderful! When shall I expect you?

    Lisa Maria, I'm past the age of your niece, but I still love sweet little houses. I recently read of one woman who actually lives in something hardly bigger than this... just seems so dreamy!... but not at all practical.

    Jen, you're so right! A girl CAN dream!

    Andrea, I'm going to look for your post! I used to pretend a lot when I was little too. I loved it!

  7. H. Rae,

    Oh, I LOVE this little respite place! My backyard is too small for such things, but I would love to have a place like this just to sit, reflect, relax, and create poetry.

    Of course, the winter months would be a problem, for the nasty storms and rain would ruin such a beautiful little cottage!

    Scrap the greenhouse! Make one of these for your very own! LOL! :)

    -L. Rose

  8. I would love to join you there! What a wonderful place:)

  9. What a beautiful place...would be so realxing...


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