To Cruise, Perchance to Dream

... it's what I'd rather be doing.

Image via queen of constance

     Peri's in the garage, just waiting for me to take her for a ride.  Peri's my bike.  Short for periwinkle.  Because she is.  

     I've named my bikes since I was a little thing and read a book called "Belinda the Beetle."  Belinda was a car and naturally, the mode of transportation I owned at the time was bestowed with the same title.  It broke my heart when I outgrew her and had to give her to someone else, but I did.  And I got a beautiful green bike whom I named Adrena.  Short for adrenaline.  But she was a mountain bike, wild and free and too rough for me most of the time, yet I had her for many years.  Unbeknownst to me, she was sold and replaced with a shining, winking, purely periwinkle cruiser like the one pictured above.  

     Peri's only been ridden a couple of times since I got her, and so she sits in the garage... waiting to be brought out into the sunshine, a basket on her hip (I've got to get one of those) and a gleam in her eye, ready to take on a road or two.  

     As summer draws nigh, I hope to polish her up and take her out.  I've always loved my bikes.  But my last long bike ride ended up with two young fellows arguing about who was going to have to carry me home... several miles.  It ended by my conjuring enough sheer will-power to simply make it home and there I collapsed on the concrete walk.  In front of all.  Utterly spent.  Not something I'd like to repeat too soon.  Which is why I wait... gain my energy... take it slow.  And then Peri and I will ride... with the breeze in my hair and the sun on my back, I'll soar from place to place!

     There's a certain charm about a bike, isn't there?

h. rae


  1. I, also, am looking forward to getting my bike and baby trailer out soon and go for a nice ride! I cant wait! Who were the two young guys? Lol

  2. I just pulled my bike out of its winter storage yesterday evening and took my youngest two out for the first ride of the season. It was chilly, yet entirely blissful! I adore my bike, the graceful cruiser that she is, and I can't wait to pedal many, many miles towing smiling babes this summer!

  3. My bike is similarly hanging in my garage. The last time I rode it? I rode right into a brick wall, you know so that I'd stop. No helmet...

  4. I am very ready to ride my bicycle, Sweet Pea. She is in the garage at my parent's house. (We don't have a garage or a storage shed suitable for her.) I can't wait to feel the wind in my face, the smell of spring/summer air and the freedom of cruising along. I love it! I wrote about it in a blog post back in 2010, when I was naming my bicycle. She was new! I've a basket on the front, but my husband promised me a double basket for over the back fender area this summer. I can't wait. Then I can ride to the farmer's market and the organic markets to get fruits, veggies and flowers! Oh I'm getting all giddy just thinking of it. I have a bell too! Wee. . . I don't know if this link will work or not but here is a link to my post about my bicycle.


  5. I hope you can ride soon! I need to get a bike with gears. My last was a Wal-mart basic bike and I couldn't really keep up with anyone. This made me really not want to go bike riding. Dreaming is good. I do it a lot!

  6. Riding bike used to be such fun! Haven't done it since I was a child :0) I will pray you have a wonderful time with your bike this summer...making lots of memories! God Bless you!


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