'Round Them Danced the Sunbeams Bright

Image by h. rae

"Underneath an apple-tree Sat a maiden and her lover; and the thoughts within her he Yearned, in silence, to discover.  Round them danced the sunbeams bright, Green the grass-lawn stretched before them While the apple blossoms white Hung in rich profusion o'er them."  ~Will Carleton

Image by h. rae

"The apple blossoms' shower of pearl, Though blent with rosier hue, As beautiful as woman's blush, As evanescent too."  ~Letitia Elizabeth Landon


     The apple blossoms are just beginning to bloom here, their tightly formed buds releasing, upon nature's provocation, into gentle floral enchantment.  The abundance of last year's harvest has me yearning for summer's bounty.  

     Many of you have already posted photos of your spring gardens and have so much in abundance already! One of these years I'll plant on time.  I like to start from seed, but I do have some starts as well just in case my own don't do as well as I hope.

     I've planted by seed:

Heirloom Manitoba Tomato- 2
Heirloom Glacier Tomato- 2
Celebrity Hybrid Tomato- 2
Longstanding Cliantro- Bed
Clemson Spineless Okra- 2
Scarlet Nantes Carrots- 7 Rows
Improved Tendergreen Garden Bean- 55

From Starts:

Juliet Grape Tomato- 1
Beefmaster Tomato- 1
Crookneck Squash- 2
Lemon Balm- 1
Basil- 2
Red Onion- Bed

     I don't have a lot of space to work with, but it's enough to plant conservatively.  I implement container gardening when I can, but some plants aren't fond of captivation and require a loose potting mix if container gardening is the only option.  I've found that bush beans do great in containers as they don't need much root space.  This year, though, I plan to transport my seedlings directly into the ground once they're large enough to do so.  For half of the tomatoes, I'll use the large pots; the other half I'll plant in-ground as an experiment to see which do better: the outdoor or the greenhouse method.  The seven rows of carrots are along one side of the yard, in a 1 and one half by 12 foot space.  It's a new endeavor, but I'm hoping they'll be fine.

     I planted in the beginning of this month and already, the bush beans and cilantro are appearing and all of the starts are doing great.  I had starts of strawberries also, but after replanting them they wilted and are nearly dead now.  If any of you have a green thumb, I'd appreciate your advice!

     Happy gardening!

h. rae


  1. Your garden sounds great! We just got rid of snow here! UGH! We just tilled our gardens for the first time Saturday...we have 3 good sized gardens...can't wait to plant~

  2. How cool! I love gardening.. I just don't have the time :-))

    I love the pictures. Again, your blog is lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by :-)


  3. Sounds wonderful! I am still waiting for the danger of frost to leave us..then..it's on! It will be my first year having an entire vegetable garden in the ground. I have finally gotten great results with all my flower beds, and have done container gardening..now it's time to do the big deal.

    So glad you got it all out and growing! Hope it's incredibly fruitful for you!

    God bless you!

  4. I enjoy reading what others have planted in their gardens! I typically plant things in large containers on our patio, though my husband has two tomato plants in the ground. I'm trying red onions for the first time and am interested to see how they do. Happy Growing!!

  5. Kim,

    I wish I could borrow one of your gardens! Having land just for crops must be so fulfilling!


    Thank you! Good luck to you with yours as well!


    Whatever the quantity, having home-grown veggies or fruit is so rewarding! It's my first time with red onions as well.


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