Hobbies are Heavenly... or Otherwise

Image by h. rae

"To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat."  Beverly Nichols

Image by h. rae
     It's strange how a seemingly unconscious thought brings forth an abundance of like fruit.  I was hobby-less.  I do recall thinking I needed to start something.  I didn't know how powerful that thought was.  Among others, I've started my second garden...
     The wind has been crisp and cool lately, attempting to keep me confined.  Shallots still need to be planted in the raised bed next to the onions.  The beds in the front could use some spring cleaning and polish.  Bone meal needs to be mixed within the bed that the green bean seedlings will be transplanted into.  But the wind persuades me otherwise... and so I sit.  And tackle another hobby.  That of learning photography.  

Image by h. rae

     Who knew hobbies could be so expensive?  Gardening (for a newbie) can be costly.  Photography is undoubtedly so.  But I have the good intentions to make it my business and pleasure once I learn a few things.  

     Blogging is time-consuming... but oh-so-rewarding.  Writing (as in book) is mentally fatiguing but inexpensive... for a time.   And journaling is rewarding beyond compare.  

    Seeking the organic life is heavy-laden with research, but I fail when it comes to implementing in many areas.  It's a never-ending reach.

     My green thumb could use some oiling and perhaps someone with a decade or two of experience beside me.  

Image by h. rae

     As I sashay around with a foreign camera around my neck, I could use someone's knowledge to guide me.    I want to thank Sonja, over at Girlish Musings for her quick response to my plea for help.  She offered many wonderful tips and has been so kind!  Click on over to see some fabulous photos!

     Bottom line... hobbies are fun.  They enrich.  They fortify.  They satisfy.  To choose the right kind of hobby, I would say the result must be worth the sweat of the labor put into it.  If outdoor gardening doesn't work for you, try kitchen herbs.  If writing a book is too much, try journaling.   If scenic photography doesn't work, try macro (my personal best).  Make whatever you put your hand to turn to gold... in your way.

     Happy hobbies,
h. rae


  1. H. Rae,

    Hobbies are great, if you can find the "right" ones that keep you interested in pursuing them over an extended period of time. As of late, poetry and photography are my current hobbies, although the latter hobby is like a "work in progress." :)

    -L. Rose

  2. You are right...hobbies are fun! I don't have many though...doesn't seem time allows for much... :0) I like to garden, read, and create when I have time...
    your pictures are amazing! you do a wonderful job!

  3. What a beautiful post, h. rae, both in words and in pictures.

  4. You're right, Lady Rose! I've found some hobbies just aren't for me and others are so right!

    Kim, I like to read too. I used to read almost constantly and stopped for a time but now I'm picking it back up again.

    Thank you, Jen!

  5. Gorgeous pictures h.rae,you could do really well with this.

    Good luck with your new hobbies.. I guess, for the moment, mine is writing my blog as I really don't have time for anything else right now.

    Love & Blessings

  6. Your roses are beautiful. My hobbies change over the decades, but I still love to read, I like to garden, but my thumb is more black than green, I crafted and quilted for years, and now I'm trying my hand at photography. My husband has a photography website you might like. You'll find it in my profile...beyond the campfire.
    You're right, hobbies are fun and can be so good for us. Enjoy whatever, wherever, God leads you:)

  7. You have a beautiful place here!!! I love it!! Keep up the amazing work!

  8. Lisa Maria, thank you so much! I'm working at it!

    Kristin, Many thanks to you! My hobbies change too. Change can be invigorating! I'm going to check out your husband's photography!

    Courtney, I'm honored to have had your visit! I hover around your blog quite often and have you listed on my blogroll!

  9. Beautiful post combined with beautiful images. & I couldn't agree more.

  10. Lovely post. It is very interesting for me. I like to share your story with my friends.
    dean graziosi

  11. You have chosen such wonderful hobbies: gardening, writing, reading, photograph... lovely!


  12. I love hobbies. I can be so bad though and make things into obsessions. Mine are blogging, flower and veggie gardening, scrapbooking, baking, reading and writing devotions.

    I think if we are careful, hobbies can bring us a balance to life. A place where we can enjoy our talents and the things that float our boats.


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