The Handwritten Sentiment

    The pages of March have danced away and April begins, bidding us to poke into drawers long-dormant, pull out dusty stationary, and press pen to paper in sweet reflection.  April is National Card and Letter Writing Month, and though my handwriting is poor, I intend to write a few letters and send a few cards.

      "Snail mail" may be a last resort option today, but I know how much more exciting it is to get a crisp envelope in the mail bearing my name than find an email waiting for me in cyber-space.  It's tangible; it engages my senses.  I can see the colors and prints chosen especially for me, smell the scent of fresh paper, perhaps with some faint odor of its sender's fragrance, turn it over in my hands and feel its smooth, cool fibers, and hear the friction as I pull it from the encasement, reading the print of one who took the time enough to sit with pen in hand and share her thoughts with me.

     Perhaps the script is feathery-light with amazing detail and flourish.  Perhaps it is slanted to the left or right, and in perfect precision the words march across the page.  If you close your eyes, perhaps you can feel the gentle indention the pen made as it was written.  Perhaps a stain or a teardrop gives light to a certain phrase you wouldn't without it have understood.

     Those things can't be captured in an email, text message, tweet or facebook post.  Only in a letter.  A card.  A postcard.

     Be sure to send a letter... or two, to whom you otherwise would have sent an email or text.  It's April.  It's time to close the laptop (briefly), sit down at a writing desk (anyone have one of those?  I do!) and pen your thoughts.  Poetic, sweet, sappy, funny... give your friend a good dose of you!

h. rae


  1. Aww...Are you missing my cards I send you? Tee hee! Well, be on the lookout this month. I love you Sis

  2. I did not know it April is the official month to send a handwritten sentiment to a friend. I'll definitely participate! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of sending notes and cards! I need to get into a more regular habit of doing so.

  4. This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have a penchant for fountain pens, ink bottles of all colors and how the nib feels as it flows on a piece of paper. Isn't it wonderful to receive a hand-written letter. It's like a lost art and a beautiful one at that. Thanks for writing about this!

  5. Jessica,

    I love your cards! I'll be expecting another!

    Jen and Tracey,

    I always love your comments! I also need to get into the habit of writing by hand more often.

    The Falconer's Wife,

    Thanks so much for your special comment and for following. Writing with quill pens would be fun too, don't you think?

  6. I love writing out letters and cards! I just sent out a batch of thank you cards. I even like writing those! :-) I really miss getting handwritten letters. I used to get them all the time from my friends, during high school and college. You know, back in the "stone age" before email was commonly used. ;-)

  7. I do agree! Nothing beats the sentiment of a beautifully written letter. Thanks so much for your visit, I am now your newest follower too!

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  8. Ladies,

    Thanks so much for your comments! Keep checking back for the 1909 postcard mystery series. Learning about it myself is keeping me on my toes! There's something about a 100 year old correspondence...


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