{Daughter} ...Give me Your Heart

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    "My son, give me your heart, And let your eyes observe my ways."  Proverbs 23:26

     Some of you have written that you've noticed your young daughters watching you... observing your ways as you tend to your family's needs, mimicking you in word and deed.  I find that so precious.  

     And God wishes that of us... that we give him our hearts and observe Him as He teaches us, showing us His ways.  

     I've been reading in the Old Testament about how He led the Israelites to a land "flowing with milk and honey."  Amidst the wars, struggles, and slavery, there is a lot of beauty to be discovered within the pages.  

     When they had no food, He fed them with manna from heaven.  I don't know if I'm off base or not, but the Bible likens manna to the coriander seed, which I have planted this year and the last.  It's amazing to hold the seeds within my palm and imagine what it must have been like to gather this tiny round food in the morning after the dew had lifted.  The taste was like "wafers made with honey."  It sounds so pure and sweet.  I wonder if they ate them as they were, like tiny bread crumbs, or did they cook with them?

     He led them by cloud and by fire, He fed them by morning and night, He took them to a "promised land."  Gave them everything they needed, yet still they complained, turned away and served false idols.  That astounds me!  If I were there, how would I have reacted?  Would I have worshipped the golden calf... or would I have sat at the base of that mountain, fully believing Moses would again reappear?  Did they all lose sight of Him?  They must have for God to wish to destroy them and save only Moses.  

     In that light, I'm glad I live now and not then.  For now I have the opportunity to listen to His call... and give Him my heart... and observe His ways...

h. rae


  1. I know that though I have seen many times, His sweet blessings in my life...I have complained in my heart (and with words as well) as to how it came to be at times or even why I was going through a time of trial. I am not proud of this of course..but I have grown through the sweetness of His grace! ♥

  2. H. Rae,

    There are many lessons that we can learn from the Israelites. Whenever I read those verses about how they still complained despite all that the Lord provided for them, I think about myself sometimes, and I how I sometimes "complain" when God gives me blessings that I truly don't deserve. Of course, I am learning to be more thankful, but as you know, that is not always easy.

    Good thoughts, H. Rae! Thank you for sharing them.

    -L. Rose

  3. In my mind's eye, I've always imagined manna to look like torn up pieces of bread. Oh, to live a day with the Israelites so long ago...though I am certainly thankful to have been born in this time in history. I'm so thankful for the relationship we can have with our Savior.

  4. I like what the commenter before said - how interesting it would be "to live a day with the Israelites." I'm afraid I'm too often like the Israelites, lacking in faith and complaining despite all I've been blessed with and delivered from.

  5. I love that bible quote... I just posted it on my FB. The message is beautiful, and I hope I can honor the Lord every day, in my thoughts and acts. I ask for His forgiveness for my times of selfishness or ungratefulness.

    Insightful post.


  6. If I remember correctly, they used it like flour/meal..? Thank you for another sweet, godly post.

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