A 1909 Postcard Mystery Part 5

Postcard #8
Evidence of Kathrine's Marriage

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     This post is from a second gentleman named Jacob Wagner, and was sent from Alva, Oklahoma, R,F,D,6,B,G on January 7th, 1910.  The card is quite thick and sturdy; a shimmery gold, dinged by time and hands.  There's a large pink satin-covered rose gracing the front, and a colorful bird perched upon the vine of the flower.

The front reads:

Best Wishes

The back reads:

"Hello Kathrine(.)
well hope are
you and your
Sweethart a
getting along
now So By By
Jacob Wagner
Alva, Oklahoma
R,F,D,6,B,G ans(.) soon"

     On this postcard also, there is no evidence of there ever having been a stamp applied.  No stamped date, but it is written across the top.  It's hard to tell whether the handwriting of the date is that of the writer or someone else, but my guess is that it's the handwriting of Jacob Wagner.  There is also no 'address' for Miss Kathrine Brack other than "Otis, Kansas."

     I don't know who Jacob Wagner was, but there were some Wagner's mixed within the Hergert and Brack ancestry, so I'm assuming he was a relative congratulating Kathrine on her marriage... but to whom?

Postcard #9

     This post is from our man, Jesse, dated February 2nd, 1910 and addressed to "Mr. Jake and Katherine Brack" in Otis Kansas.  The card is edged in gold with a golden horseshoe and red rose decorating the front.

The front reads:


The back reads:

"Hellow(.) I hope you
much joy and
happiness in life
but old girl remember
what you done 
fore me and what
you use to tell
me(.) did you ever
think of it(?)
From Jesse H."

     Kind of makes me sad.  Ahem.

     As of today, our mystery has not been solved.  I cannot victoriously write "conclusion" across the title.  The Hergert family is working to put this puzzle together, and I have no doubt that is quite possible.  They seem like a tight knit group with a good grasp on their ancestry, which is so amazing to me.  I wondered at the beginning of this series how these postcards ever came to be on the shelf of an antique store, and now my wonder has increased tenfold as I learn more about the Hergert and Brack family history.  

     Though the Jesse Hergert in these posts didn't marry Kathrine Brack, a Kathrine Brack did marry a Jacob C. Hergert and had a son named Jesse.  So many coincidences going on that it's hard to keep the story straight!  Who "Jake" is, I do not know.  And why Jesse still wrote their name as "Brack" is a mystery.

     Remember there was the Jesse Hergert from Pond Creek, Oklahoma who was 21 at the time these postcards were written?  I'm assured that this is our man, which (unless they're one and the same, with the birth dates confused) would mean the picture I posted in part 3 would not be him.  Which Kathrine Brack he was writing to has yet to be determined.  The one afore mentioned would still have been twelve years his senior, widowed, with children.  

     The words "old girl" puzzle me as to whether she really was an "old girl" or if that was a slight insult hurled from an injured soul.  I wonder what she told him that would cause him to bring it up even after her marriage, yet without hint of what it might be.  So many questions yet to be resolved.

     But there is good news!  He did marry.  He married and had three children by the time he enlisted in WW1 in 1917.  I would love to know all of the minute details- and may still- but until then, I'll have to be content knowing this much.  And if and when I learn more, I will share it here... with a victorious "conclusion"  written across the top.

h. rae


  1. Delicious reading for a rainy April day. Thank you!

  2. These are so neat! I love real people stories!

  3. H. Rae,

    Okay, after reading parts 3 through 5 in one setting, I think my head is spinning from all the possibilities to this "love story" mystery!

    The term "old girl" is not a very complementary term to use with anyone, so it's obvious this person was holding some type of "grudge" but of what type? That is a mystery.

    At any rate, these are surely entertaining to read. :)


  4. What a fun journey you have taken us on! I loved it! Hugs! ♥

  5. Such a neat story! Thanks for charging my imagination this week!

  6. I'm a little bit sad with how this ended...though I'd say I'm pretty conditioned to expect the result of any typical Hollywood whirlwind romance. So many questions fill my mind for these people who lived so long ago. Thank you so much for sharing your antique store treasures with us, I've so enjoyed reading these brief notes from another time. ~Jen

  7. Thanks for keeping up with this series, Ladies. I was hoping for a different ending as well, and it still may come. It's a work in progress. I enjoyed sharing these old cards here!

  8. This series was a fun, exciting read!!! I couldn't wait to read all the parts!


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