A 1909 Postcard Mystery Part 4

Postcard #6
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The postcard reads:

"From Jesse Hergert
Pond Creek
R,F,D, No,4,#,62 Okla.

Pond Creek
Hellow(.) I recieved 
your card and
was very glad to
hear from you(.) I
can't say half I wanted
to on this card
so I will write 
again soon(.) Bye Bye"

     Again, there is no evidence of there ever having been a stamp applied to this card.  No stamped date to evidence its ever having been sent.

Postcard #7

The front reads:

Now tell me darling if you'll be,
Forever faithful, fond and true
And think of love I bear for thee,
The promises I've made to you.

The back reads:

"Hellow S. H. how 
are you(?) I am fine
 and dandy and 
hope you the
same(.) please excuse
me fore not writing
sooner than I did(.)
I was so busy at 
work but I am about
dun now(.) I am going to
Enid tomorrow(.)
So Bye Bye From
you loving S. H. J. H."

     The date stamped on this one looks to be November 18th, 1909.

     I was looking through old WW1 registration cards and have found evidence of a Jesse Hergert residing in Pond Creek, Oklahoma, which is where these posts were sent from.  In 1917 he was said to have a wife and three children at the age of twenty-nine.  The Jesse Hergert afore mentioned was born in 1897.  This one was born in 1888, nine years prior, which would make him twenty-one at the time of these postcards.  I don't know yet if this Jesse was related to the one mentioned yesterday, but chances are that he was, as there are many with the same first name.

     He would have still been younger than the Kathrine Brack we know of living in Otis, Kansas; the great-grandmother of the Mr. Hergert with whom I am corresponding.  I did find three other Kate Bracks living in Otis around that time... that's quite a number in a small town.

     With this new information, Mr. Hergert is working to figure out the details of who this other Jesse was.  It's starting to appear as though the mystery won't be solved by Friday, but one never can tell...

h. rae


  1. oh wow... very interesting. Now with all the technology and electronic communication, we lost the romanticism of post cards, hand-written letters, etc.

    Nice post!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comment.


  2. This sure is keeping me on my toes :0)

  3. Another ending that leaves me hanging!

    I was studying the photos of the cards a little more closely today and must say that this gentleman had fairy nice penmanship!

  4. Doris,

    Very true! I was happy to visit your blog and so glad you stopped by here!


    Me too! :)


    He does have decent penmanship doesn't he? Kind of pretty.


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