A 1909 Postcard Mystery Part 2

Postcard #2
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Sent from J. H. (Jesse Hergert) in Pond Creek, Oklahoma, to Miss Kathrine (He spells her name 'Katherine' but I have discovered the correct spelling is 'Kathrine') Brack of Otis, Kansas, on the 15th of February, 1909

The front reads:

To My Valentine

The back reads (punctuation added in parentheses):

"Hellow girlie how
are you(?) excuse 
such a poor Valentine
But it is the best 
I could get(.) the
 stores were all 
closed But one and
I had to take what
I could get.

answer soon
J. H."

     If our dear Miss Brack was counting on this young man Valentine's Day 1909, she must have been very disappointed to not have received any token of affection until the next day, whoever he was to her.  Either he was careless or extremely busy.  Even the stamp is haphazardly applied.  Miss Brack's address, "R,F,D,no,1,#,43" is written at the bottom of the card.  Does anyone remember addresses being written in such form?

Postcard #3

Sent from Pond Creek, Oklahoma, to Otis, Kansas, on March 2nd 1909

The front of the postcard reads:

Love's Garden

Darling when I met you first,
I also met my fate.
It's the only road to happiness,
Permit me through the gate.

The back reads(punctuation added in parentheses):

"Hellow, S, H, how
are you getting
along now(?) I
am getting along 
fine so Bye Bye
answer soon
J, H,"

     Miss Brack's address is written at the bottom of the post.  And there is no evidence of there ever having been a stamp applied.  Strange.

     What are your thoughts about J. H.?  What about the silent Miss Brack?  How I wish I had some of her posts also to clear up this mystery!  In fact, I believe just one would do.  I have learned quite a bit more about  Miss Brack and Jesse Hergert since yesterday.  I was studying the dates on each card and some are just impossible to make out.  Yet I want to post them in the best order I see fit.  Because of my curiosity about these century-old cards, I have learned something I wouldn't have ever thought of.

     I had called this a "1909 Postcard Romance" but in light of this new evidence I am now calling it "A 1909 Postcard Mystery."  The evidence I have found isn't factual yet, but I'm counting on learning more very soon, and what I discover I will reveal at the end of the sequence.

h. rae


  1. I like a good Mystery. Love reading about this. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. h. rae

    You sure are building up the suspense.. look forward to the rest ;-)

    Love & Blessings

  3. Very intriguing indeed! I hope he was more charming in person than on paper, his notes certainly leave a little something to be desired! I'm very interested to hear more of what you've learned and what J.H. wrote!

  4. I just found your blog... ITS AMAZING!! Looking forward to your posts popping up in my reader! I am for sure following!!

  5. How neat that you're researching these interesting people! Looking forward to reading more!

  6. Hi Ladies,

    I have some fresh news on the postcards that I will be sharing tomorrow. Who knows, this may take longer than only five days!

    Pearls and Pears,

    I'm so glad you came by! Thank you for becoming a follower! You'll always be welcome here. I hope you continue to enjoy each post!

  7. I am seriously loving this series, so you know. It makes me want to head to my local antique shop and see if I can come across something similar!

  8. H. Rae,

    Okay, I am a day behind on the series, so forgive me. :)

    J.H. sounds a little bit on the peculiar side. From what he has written upon the second postcard, it doesn't even sound as if he is taking the relationship with Kathrine too seriously. Of course, it's difficult to tell without Kathrine's replies.

    I'm really enjoying this series, H. Rae! :)



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