Welcome to the new Blog!

It was time for a complete overhaul and that’s just what it got.  After weeks of testing out pre-made blog templates in a ‘dummy’ blog and not finding one that suited me, I decided to dive right in and make my own... well, customize my own, anyway.  I started with a nice, new template, grabbed a hammer and some nails and went to work.

It was an interesting journey manipulating HTML without completely understanding it!  And because my previous template was old (my choice) I wasn’t able to use the new design editor!  It’s really such an improvement!

In addition to the blog’s facelift, I’ve added a few new gadgets to the sidebar and footer.  I even have a button now (perhaps my greatest accomplishment)!

Please be sure to leave a comment in the ‘Original Observations’ box and let me know what your thoughts are on the changes!

P.S. – I haven’t settled on a subtitle yet (the white text in the header) and I would appreciate any suggestions.  It can’t be too long though, as it has to fit on the button.  Many thanks in advance!

h. rae


  1. You did an awesome job on your button!I was completely lost when trying to do one..unable to add words..I am so un-savvy when it comes to computers.
    I love the new look of your blog!♥

  2. Thank you so much, Ellen!

    I actually created my button in Polyvore... my profile link is at the bottom of my blog. It was much easier than attempting to learn photoshop at the last minute.

  3. H. Rae,

    Wow! I am enjoying your new blog look! It's very refreshing and beautiful! Your new button is lovely as well. :)

    I would really like to customize my own blog, but since I am not too swift with HTML coding, I just leave it "as is."



  4. Many thanks, Lady Rose. I left a comment on your blog!

  5. Simply STUNNING! Absolutely loving this new look! And . . . yopur new button . . . ahhhhh! You've done good sweet lady!


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