Life... Within Each Moment

     I've been thinking again.  Many musings come to me as I snuggle down and nurse my cold.  I could be fussing about my condition (more than I already am) and longing for better days, but then what would be the use of my existence now?  

     Animals make great teachers.  So do babies.  When I hold a tiny baby, feed it, rock it to gentle slumber, my heart- so close in proximity to the tiny body- becomes irrevocably attached; my cup full in the moment.  When my teenage pup climbs in my lap wanting to be held, I grab him up and fully enjoy the snuggle (and delight in tiny pup snores), even if I was doing something else at the time.  It means a lot to know how fully he trust me.  There's nothing quite like a little bit of innocent being to bring us back to the present time, teaching us how to "live."  We're born in the present, but somehow we lose it and constantly reach for the future or cling to the past, wishing for something we no longer have.

     And what is the root of our longing for better days, more exciting ventures, more glamorous lives to lead?  The fact that we're not fully contented with the present and would rather be doing something other that what is now before us, needing our attention.  Too much time spent looking to the future can spoil the present.  


     Have  you ever tried to carry on a conversation with someone who whipped out their phone every thirty seconds to text?  It can either be amusing (if you're a student of human nature) or frustrating.  And I'm sure when that individual met with the person they were texting, they'll be texting someone else.  I'd like to know what they have against a face-to-face chat.  More than that, I'm not one to chat much, but prefer to get right down to a good, old-fashioned discussion, which is next to impossible with someone who has learned to respond in acronyms and abbreviations.

     Time passes swiftly.  I don't want to waste it yearning for a life I don't have, a car I don't drive, and a house I don't live in.  I've spent enough time wishing for a constitution that wasn't a magnet to illnesses.

     But I'm learning that just as I get over one illness I'm presented with another, and if I waited until I was well to be happy, I'd have wasted eleven years on unfruitful yearnings.  In fact, that's not very far from the truth as it is.  And as the days go by, I learn to simply enjoy what I have, bloom where I've been planted and live in the moment because tomorrow was never promised to me.  It may never come.  And yesterday doesn't exist anymore except in my memory.  All I have is today...

     So today is what I'll "live."

h. rae


  1. Living in the present - it's truly a gift! Thanks for the reminder to be present where I am, neither wasting time looking back nor dreaming only of the future.

  2. It really is a gift, Tracey! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

  3. H.Rae,

    Yes, living in the present, and being thankful to God in the process - it's something that I am learning to do each day of my life.

    You have written another heart-felt post, H. Rae! Keep writing, for I love to hear your thoughts! :)



  4. My midwife said those same words to me when I gave birth to my sixth child who had some complications at birth.

    Live in the present. Live right now and it won't be so overwhelming - she would remind me again and again.

    She was right!

    Thank you so much for the reminder.



  5. thanks for stopping by my blog today :) Also..... I loved this post! I have very similar thoughts on "chat" and "deep" conversation. I often find myself wishing for things I do not have. Only my thoughts tend less upon things as they do on children. I would love more children. I am so very very grateful for the two beautiful ones I have, but my secondary infertility just about crushed me. Blessed is the woman who is content in ALL things!! :) Thanks for writing this beautiful post.

  6. This is my favorite part of this post! I love it. So, so very, very true.

    "enjoy what I have, bloom where I've been planted and live in the moment because tomorrow was never promised to me. It may never come. And yesterday doesn't exist anymore except in my memory. All I have is today..."

    Thank you! Great post. I'd love to sit down to a hot cup of Chamomile tea and have a conversation with you. No texting, just talking. Feel better my "blog" friend.

  7. Lady Rose,
    Thank you! I will keep writing as often as it comes to me. (I may have a more difficult time now though, as my laptop completely crashed!)

    I feel for you in your desire to have more children. I truly do. It is difficult to find contentment when the heart yearns so. Things matter little, it's true. I'll be saying a prayer for you!

    That invitation to tea sounds fabulous! A real, live, heart-to-heart talk is just what the doctor ordered!

  8. Well said. I have such a problem enjoying the moment. I do tend to worry about the next day, when I know that the Lord holds my next breath and He may not give it to me. Thank you for the reminder!

  9. A reminder to all of us! Thanks, Tammy!

  10. Jasmine,

    For some reason your comment took a day to appear... your midwife sounds like she knew what she was talking about! We can get so overwhelmed when we think of the uncertain future!

    Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself!

  11. Wow. Your health sounds like mine. I've given up on going to doctors now. And like you, it's over a decade. I've also decided to just 'live with it' and make the best of it.i'm really enjoying your blog.

  12. It takes much patience to find contentment adjusting to a new normal, Thandi! But with God's help, we can do all things!


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