It's a Common Thing

        The common good.  It is something that effects the majority of the people in a positive manner.  

     As I was lying in bed nursing my cold the other morning, I began to think of how a little wrong behavior is met with more acceptance than a "big, bad sin."  A little sarcasm.  A bit of grumpiness.  A peevish look.  Those things are normal and acceptable behavior; forgivable.  Who is going to judge or condemn another simply because they are having a bad day?  We understand.  We've been there.

     Annoyance, irritation, impatience... it's all a common wrong.  Everyone feels those emotions sometime or another.  I only gave the person next to me a "don't even think about talking to me, I'm busy" look, I didn't steal a yacht or rob a jeweler.


  "All unrighteousness is sin..." 1 John 5:17

     The common wrong.  It is something that effects the majority of the people in a negative manner.  Though it is ordinary and usually acceptable behavior, it impacts others.  We all know the old adage "misery loves company".

     I may not hold a bit of untoward behavior from my neighbor against her, but I cannot be at peace with myself while I grump around either.  How righteous can one feel with a frown, pout, or self-righteous attitude?

     It isn't easy to smile when you feel like crying.  It's harder to patiently endure than it is to become frustrated.

     But if it's a conscious choice between spreading good or wrong, I'll choose the good.  I may not always succeed, but I can try.

     ... And try again.

h. rae


  1. Well. So well said. A fascinating Profile also with quotes. The reflections of Common wrongs so sweetly and impressingly said. The causes as well as the remedies so easily, smoothly and inspirationaly narrated. Thank You for sharing so social necessary concern and with Best Wishes.

  2. Thank you very much, Ifinder. I appreciate your kind compliments!

  3. Wonderful! I myself have snapped at someone (and don't we do it more to the ones we love so dear?) because I was rushed, tired..etc...there is never a good excuse to behave poorly.
    I enjoyed this post and..it stepped on my toes which I needed! ♥
    Pray you are feeling better!

  4. Believe me, I was stepping all over my own toes writing it, Ellen.

    Unfortunately, I am down with a nasty cold, but managing to be happy in spite of it. I appreciate your concern!

  5. What a great post. I have just firmly resolved to give up sarcasm entirely, but nevertheless am totally surprised to see it on your list--so few people seem to think it's a "big deal." (But isn't that exactly your point?) This is great motivation for me--thank you!

  6. Yes, that was my point, Anne. Sarcasm can hurt; yet I find myself using it too often, so this post was for me too. Best of luck to you in your new resolution!


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