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{Blog Party Post}

                If you’re visiting from the blog party or if you just stopped by for a chat, allow me to warmly welcome you into my tiny corner of the blogging world.  This is supposed to be a post in which you, the reader, become more intimately acquainted with me, the authoress. 

First query:  “Tell us about yourself!”

About me?  I could speak well on almost any other subject besides myself.  But this is a post about… me… so I will attempt to skirt around a full-on interrogation by saying that I am an… ahem… introvert.  *gasp*

            Yes, it’s true.  I’m an introvert.  And after many years of thinking this was a bad thing, I am finally embracing the fact and, I might say, enjoying the perks as well.  If you now have a picture in your mind’s eye of me as a shy, backward individual who hides behind her own shadow, let me cast some light upon the truth of the meaning.

            An introvert is merely a person who is energized by being alone, whereas extroverts are energized by being with others.  They reflect more, while extroverts do more.  They desire the inward things.  Introversion has nothing to do with a shy, timid, or otherwise “flawed” character as most people-until enlightened- are led to believe. 

The perk?  Well, that would be the fact that most of the world’s gifted individuals are, that’s right- introverts.  (But I’m not proud, of course. *wink*)

Second query:  “Tell us about your blog!”

  I started my blog after spending nearly a year perusing other blogs and learning from those who write consistently edifying content.  I wanted to be able to blog with “intention,” and not just have a blog for vanity’s sake.  You might say I learned at the feet of those who went before me.  I write about character and spiritual development and you’ll also see my photography posted throughout.  I put my all into my content and work hard to reveal my heart’s intended message.

A few more questions and answers:

                Who is your favorite blogger?  My favorite blogger is A. Ann at Resolved to Worship.  She is such an inspiration to all who read her blog.  She considers her blog to be- in her words- a “spiritually candid journal.”  In addition to being a mother of seven, she is a photographer.  I enjoy her writing as well as her beautiful photos.

                What are your favorite animals?  This is a fun question since I just happen to love animals.  Dogs are, of course, wonderful companions (I have one), but since the question was in plural form and I have the opportunity to mention more than one species, I would have to say that one of my favorite animals are guinea pigs.  (They’re not really those wild, crazed-looking creatures you see in the pet stores; they are quite a family pet with some handling.)

                What are your favorite types of reading material?  My choice reading material would be historical fiction- meaning those actually written in the 19th century; the authors being those such as E. P. Roe, the Bronte sisters, and Jane Austen.

                Are you a hopeless romantic?  I suppose I might be considered that, but as far as that may go, let me say that I don’t daily expect my prince charming to come riding up to my front door with the intention of carrying me off into the sunset.  I am a very passionate, deeply feeling person, but I’m also reasonably grounded in logic.

                That’s all!  Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about this evasive authoress.  I’m glad you took the time.  I would be delighted to have you again… anytime you feel like dropping in for a little heart-to-heart chat.  

P.S.- Interested in learning more about introversion and extroversion?  Click here and here to discover which one you are.
 h. rae


  1. Fascinating blog! I can't wait to read more! Thanks for stopping by my little blog, too!

  2. Ooooo your blog is really cute...I love it!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog...it's nice to "meet" you!

  4. It is nice to meet you. I am not sure I will get a post written in time but I am an animal lover as well.
    I hope to meet again in other blog parties.

  5. Pray tell, how was I so fortunate, by the by, to have received your warm invitation to peruse your blog? For aught I know, it was fate; and let me express my ardent desire to visit again. Your masterful command of the written word is captivating; and I do so love the way you have woven the words together, to form a lovely tapestry for {me} the reader to enjoy. The 19th century style of your blog is exceedingly warm and inviting. If time were not my jailer, I could sit and sip tea all day, whilst reading your beautifully woven words. I relished each delicious wordy morsel, I assure you. I myself love all things Jane Austen; and the Bronte sisters writings as well. As to whether I be introvert or extrovert, that is yet to be determined. Thank you, most ardently, for the delightful post.

  6. Thanks for stopping by this afternoon! I can't wait to read more of your posts!

  7. Oh, it's rather as if I have wandered into a Jane Austen novel. Your blog is beautiful and very original {and probably very you}. I've enjoyed "meeting" so many different bloggers! Thanks for saying "hi" Lisa

  8. I'm stopping by via the blog party and have enjoyed "meeting" and learning a little about you. Very nice blog!! Thanks for leaving a comment on mine.

  9. Good description of introvert. I guess I am kind of an introvert in both ways. sometimes shy, sometimes just want to be by myself.

  10. I loved peeking through this little open window to your world! Thank you for letting us get to know you better.


  11. What a lovely blog, so unique and your writing is great to read. :)

  12. I really enjoy Resolved2Worship as well! She is such an inspiration for all things beautiful!

  13. What a pretty blog you have. (Did I sound like the big bad wolf?) :)

    You really didn't even need to answer the "hopeless romantic" question. As soon as I landed here, I knew you must be at least a little. ha!

    I'm glad you linked up to my blog party. It was so much fun popping by. I hope you had a wonderful time and met some new chums.


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