Writing for fun and Profit

         To those of you who have previously enjoyed (or endured) the reading of my afore-written novel portions, I write this post. 

         I have recently joined Helium, a professional website dedicated to writers and publishers.  Since I'm new to it, I can't explain if full detail how it works, but as I understand it, it goes something like this: any writer can join and find a topic of interest, write an article on the subject to be read and rated (competitively, if there are three or more articles on the same subject), earn stars and badges and enjoy the writings of others, and sometimes- if within the right categories- get paid for their articles if they are knowledgeably and well written (did I say that right?).  

        Since I write within the Creative Writing channel, my articles cannot be profitable unless they are discovered by a kind and sympathetic publisher.  

       My Helium Profile can be accessed here, if you are the least bit interested in reading my rambling fancies, and it is also added to the links in my sidebar.  To date, I have only added one novel excerpt that I had written a couple of years ago, gently revised of course, but I intend to add more in the days to come.  So if you enjoy the prologue, check again in a few days for the next scene.

  If you decide to join or have already, let me know, and I will read your works as well!  

h. rae

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