The Story I Wouldn't Have Told

    I discovered this beautiful and insightful poem over at Generation Cedar.  Check out her website for more of her wonderful posts!

"Would I have chosen poverty, a manger, dirty hay–
Offensive odors, bed with beasts for a King to make His way?

Would I have chosen her–no name, despised of men,

Unable even to afford a blanket to put him in?

Would I have chosen Nazareth, the least expected place,

To usher in Redeemer-Christ, to hold the whole world’s grace?

The story–every strange detail–His character unfurls,

God displays His grandeur through the humblest of the world!

Worthy to be exalted but content to be despised,

Confounding through this “foolishness” what the world calls wise.

A King’s triumphal entry is announced with baby wails,

The only royal fanfare–the swishing of donkey tails.

Can you love this Savior who was helpless when He came?

Can you give yourself to One who exchanged His fame for shame?

Look again inside the trough that held life-food for beasts–

The Bread of Life sent there for starving man’s redemptive feast!"

h. rae

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  1. I was so happy to see this post on here from you.... this tells me you are somewhat feeling better... Such good news. Keep your pretty chin up... Auntie loves you... keep getting better!


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